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Welcome to the stylish world of Lanky Bird... A new height culture!

You will find within the Lanky Bird clothing range, we have tried to provide long classic essentials that include some quirky features whilst still focusing on that all important fit. Lanky Birds know how hard it is to find good quality state of the art fashion that really fits, extra fabric in a sleeve length is a real luxury and rarely found!

For fabrics, we have worked with some great European mills ensuring we source the best in both the quality and design. Lanky has her watchful eye on all the latest developments aind we aim to provide the best in fabrics, design and style.

We are extremely proud that our clothing is manufactured here in the UK. As a nation, we still have great skills in this industry, particularly within tailoring, and we welcome using these. We also believe we have greater control on our products and the quality of it.
We like to communicate with you as much as possible, not only to inform you of new products, but also helping you with sizes.

For that reason we encourage you to communicate with us as much as you can, either through email or via the phone.

If you would like help with sizes, why not email us your details, so we may recommend what size we feel would fit you best. There are so many differences between sizes on the high street these days; it gets very confusing as to what size you really are. We realise you may need as much help as poss, so don't be afraid to shout!

Remember, us Lanky Birds are unique, and we hope you find this range of clothing will reflect that.

Do you qualify?
To be a true Lanky Bird, you need to qualify in the following:

• You would probably be at least 5'8'' tall, so we're a little closer to the sky.
• Legs are very long... we are the envy of most.
• Our arm length relates to the wingspan of an eagle.
• Shoulders are broad, and our bodies are long.
• Finally, elegance and free spirit are a must... along with a good dose of attitude!

If you want to know more about how Lanky Bird came into being, discover our history here.

Love Lanky


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“I just have to say, it was such a pleasant surprise to find a tall company that sells tasteful clothes - why are all the other companies so shocking?!! And when are you going to do more???! I look forward to receiving them, Many thanks! …”
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